Dublin Port Ferry

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Dublin Port Ferry

Dublin Port Ferry is the gateway to Dublin, and much of Ireland. All of the trucks entering Dublin Port must register through the Dublin Port Ferry Office.

Facility: 2 story building. Ground Floor Administration Office & reception area. Bathroom, Shower & canteen facilities. 2nd Story. Crane Management Office (all cranes in Dublin port are managed remotely from this office).

The Brief

Post a review of Sydney Harbour Operations, Dublin Port Ferry wanted to implement a similar system to drive efficiency and comply with health and safety regulations.

The Challenge

  • Building a work environment that balanced facilitating the nature of the work (eg. having no windows facing onto the port itself) and creating a positive healthy environment (eg. natural light in the office).
  • Minimal footprint and the installation had to happen with no interference to the operations of the ferry port.

The Result

The building was installed without impeding port operations. A steel frame modular building system was used to maximise the off site manufacture of the units.

Commercial Modular Building Four Wide

Dublin Port Ferry 1

Commercial Modular Building 3 Wide

Dublin Port Ferry 2

Commercial Modular Building Inside View

Dublin Port Ferry 3

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