St. Francis National School – Co. Louth

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The future depends on our children. Environment is central to the learning experience. We have years of expertise in building the very best schools, we understand all of the building regulations and can manage all of the external works for your school.

St. Francis National School

Facility:Modular classrooms
Location:Co. Louth

The Challenge

  • Required to work in a ‘live school’ environment with quick installation turnaround
  • Required to meet and comply with the new NZEB performance specification for new buildings
  • To provide RAMS and traffic management system based on working off public roads
  • To manage groundworks and other sub-contractors within overall project plans

The Result

  • Project delivered in an 8-week lead time
  • Provided the client with a rainwater harvesting system for use with toilets

St. Francis National School - Exterior

St. Francis National School - Interior

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