Swords Tennis Club – Dublin

Swords Tennis Club

Facility:Modular open plan office and changing rooms
Location:Co. Dublin

The Challenge
• The build programme had to accommodate demolition works, environmental disposal and restricted access
• The project required ground protection pads to protect the grass from been damaged with machinery and craned deliveries
• To manage groundworks and other sub-contractors within overall project plans
• Building works were required to take place without effecting the use of the tennis courts and surroundings

The Result
• We provided a full-sized glazed window to the front of the office building to add natural lighting to the office
• We completed the building by adding the organisations logo to the exterior
• We installed automatic roller shutter doors to protect the full glazed window

Swords Tennis Club - Cabinpac

Swords Tennis Club Modular Office - Cabinpac

Swords Tennis Club Changing Rooms - Cabinpac

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