Innovation & Sustainability


Our modular buildings are designed and redesigned to ensure increasing efficiencies and to reduce our carbon footprint. The very nature of modular buildings means they can be continuously adapted and so have a very long life cycle.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the materials we use come from sustainable sources.

We source our steel from British Steel, who under the sustainability standard BES 6001, achieved a very good rating, recognising that the products are made using responsibly sourced materials.

All of our timber is grade stamped PEFC and FSC certified.

Working with Fermacell board means the product is one hour fire rated. It adheres to BS EN 1363 (compliant with the EU fire resistance tests). It is Class 0 and Class 1 rated (limited combustibility & minimal surface spread of flame respectively).

We also source plasterboard from Gypsum. All of the gypsum is sustainably extracted from quarries, and a high level of recycled materials is used in the gypsum board.

The insulation we use is from Gypsum whose product is made from recycled materials and has won a Gold Award from Eurofins for outstanding material in terms of air quality emissions regulations.

On site we focus on recycling all waste and water.
More than 70% of the materials in our units are made from sustainable materials.


Innovation is our mindset. It crosses all aspects of our business. As we adopt the principles and processes of a lean organisation we are continuously looking for improvement for new and better ways to solve business challenges.

We use the latest design technologies. We are partnering with third level institutions in Ireland to develop future design thinking and development. Leveraging the power of BIM design (Building Information Modelling) allows us to explore how design and what materials and finishes we can use. This leads to a more efficient manufacture & installation process, buildings with greater efficiency and aesthetics.

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